Alba Adriatica


Cycling in Vibrata Valley

Cycling in Vibrata Valley

At the scenic border between Marche and Abruzzo

<p>The path in the valley that connects <strong>Teramo</strong> to <strong>Ascoli Piceno</strong> is very demanding in terms of time and energies, but it’s rewarding for the splendid panoramic views. Moreover it gives the chance to travel in...

Between beaches and olive trees in MTB

Between beaches and olive trees in MTB

Cycling between the coast and interland of Teramo, Abruzzo

<p>The route, easy and suitable for everyone, offers the possibility to ride on the Adriatic coast of <strong>Teramo</strong>, to breathe fresh air rich in iodine, but also to deal with the first <strong>rolling hills</strong>, through...

state_label: IT

region_label: Abruzzo

province_label: Teramo

address_label: Via C. Battisti 24

phone_label: 08617191


altitude_label: 5

surface_label: 10.00

population_label: 12386

population_name_label: Albensi

population_density_label: 1290



climate_class_label: C

class_seismic_label: 2