A MTB ride on the Tour des Alpages

Cycling through the Torgnon Alpine pastures, in Valle d’Aosta

A beautiful MTB ride in the nature and traditions of Valtournenche, in Val d'Aosta, to discover the peculiarities of the town of Torgnon, with its 22 boroughs located on a beautiful, sun-drenched Moraine plateau.
An evocative ring route immersed in a lush and wild alpine environment which tells the stories of men and women that lived here, herding cattle and producing cheese.

Itinerary description:
The 32-km bike tour starts from and ends in Mongnod, a borough in the municipality of Torgnon, and includes mainly dirt roads.
From Mongnod the trail quickly reaches Plan Prorion before continuing to Chantorné, a place that features both ski lifts and the Summer Park. It is here that the dirt road begins, passing first near the huts of Alpe Chȃtelard and then near Alpe Gorzà, a beautiful plateau with a small lake – an ideal location for a break.

Here travellers must take the Ru di Verrayes, immersed in the wood that reaches Alpe Trocharey and then the wild pastures of Chavacour, dominated by the rocky profiles of Punta Tsan (3,320 m) – the highest mountain in the area – and of Cima Bianca (3,009 m).
The trail then goes down the other slope, heading towards the Tellinod pasture; after climbing for 2 km, the trail reaches Gilliarey, a panoramic balcony on the Matterhorn, the Plateau Rosà, and the Valtournenche.

The return trail passes once more by Tellinod, descending to the Loditor wetland before going back up Alpe Chatelard. From here, the trail is the same all the way to Mongnod.

VARIATION: You can also simplify the itinerary by starting from Chantorné, thus reducing it to 21 km with a 430-m difference in height (instead of 830 m).

Technical advice:
The Tour des Alpages is accessible to everyone, if travelling by E-bike. It is advisable to bring along water, energy food, and waterproof clothing.

Points of interest


A town made up of several boroughs located in a beautiful valley overlooking the plain below, among vast pastures and coniferous forests, Valtournenche is a popular winter and summer destination for lovers of skiing (Breuil-Cervinia) and high-altitude excursions which owes the development of its tourism sector mainly to mountaineering, which developed in this area from the mid-1800s. The village is overlooked by the bell tower of the parish Church of Sant‘Antonio, rebuilt in 1856 on the foundations of a 15th-century building. A plaque in the main square, instead, honours the birth of the most famous Cervino (Matterhorn) Guides including Jean-Antoine Carrel, the first to reach the summit from the Italian side.


The town of Torgnon is made up of twenty-two hamlets, all featuring a characteristic alpine architecture, spread over a large, very panoramic morainal balcony. The area has always made a living through agriculture and breeding (there are a number of mountain pastures here) but also through tourism thanks to its favourable exposure to the sun, mild climate, and good accommodation facilities: in the summer, lovers of outdoor activities can enjoy numerous hiking, MTB, and horse riding trails while in winter the presence of trails for both Alpine and cross-country skiing attracts many lovers of winter sports. The area is moreover rich in natural beauty and historic heritage sites: from the panoramic views of Col de Saint-Pantaléon and Saint-Évence to the peaks of Punta Tsan and Cima Bianca, from the ruins of Castle Chavacour to Pond Loditor, up to the medieval rascards (raccards) preserved in the ethnographic museum of Triatel.




Technical data

City of departure: Torgnon

Departure: Torgnon

City of arrival: Torgnon

Arrival: Torgnon

Length (Km): 32

Difficulty: Average

Discipline: MTB

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 830

Difference in downhill (m): 830

Highest point (m): 2182

Lowest point (m): 1511

Duration (h.): 3