Cingoli - Mount Nero: Saints, Devils and Mtb

The Mtb itinerary leads to discover one of the wildest areas of the Cingoli’s territory.
Mount Nero, mostly covered by a dense vegetation, looks like a striking and almost inaccessible place. On the contrary, along its paths, we discover areas of rare beauty as the St. Bonfiglio valley (where the Saint's stories are mixed with legends about the Devil), the marginal area of the Serre Alte and the Pian dei Conti, which offers a unique view.

Technical description:
From the Valentini Avenues, in the Cingoli city center, you follow the signs to the Sport Center, in front of which begins the path of St. Bonfiglio. Few meters of asphalt and dirt road and you will reach the ruins of the ancient church dedicated to the Saint, from which, keeping on the left, after a short ride you cross the gravel road going to Mount Nero. Turning left, begins the climb to the mountain: after a first steep part, the path becomes flat and then goes up again to the Pian del Tino’s clearing (596 meters).

You cycle on the path that enters into the woods on the right - the first part is flat then there is a light slope (slippery when wet) - you get on a small clearing and here you turn right on the trail that descends into the wooded valley below. The descent is challenging, with difficult walls and tight bends. Once reached a ridge and a small watering hole, the route continues straight and flat but, after a few meters, the path is steep again. Outside the wood the route continues to drop and the rugged terrain is more technical. The downhill ends on a gravel road that, on the left, leads to a very tough climb that reaches the intersection of St. Christopher.

You then ride on the Serre Alte path, a little 'pearl' of this territory. The track climbs gradually for two hundred meters in altitude and, after a last steep climb, descend for a few meters to a fork in the road: here you turn left on the double-track that starts to climb and reaches the resort Madonna di Pian dei Conti.
Continuing on asphalt to the left, in less than two kilometers you get to the motocross field. After the underpass, proceeding to the right, you go back to Cingoli on an easy descent.

Points of interest


The largest artificial lake in Marche and central Italy, it is 2 square kilometers large and it has a depth that reaches about 55 m. It is created by a 67 meters high dam above the river Musone and it is rich in aquatic fauna and migratory birds. The environment is particularly striking, with the profile of the mountains around the lake which reflects in the water with a thousand colors.


The path that runs through this valley at the foot of Mount Nero is one of the most interesting nature trails of the Cingoli area. Rich in vegetation and water sources, with some clearings used as pasture, the valley is surrounded by a thousand-year tradition of peoples and faiths, linked to the history of San Bonfiglio, who lived and was buried in these lands. The XIII century church dedicated to the Saint is a pilgrimage destination, of which today only a few architectural and decorative elements that emerge from the woods are left. According to tradition, the springs welling up from the gates of the ancient monastery were miraculous and many sufferers used to come here to seek comfort.

MONTE NERO (Black Mount)
MONTE NERO (Black Mount)

A real "green sea" at the gates of Cingoli. The protected floristic area of Monte Nero (or Montenero) is characterized by a dense Mediterranean vegetation that entirely covers the slopes of the hill. The wood has indeed a high natural value, given by the strong presence of holm oak trees and other evergreen plants. This enabled Montenero to be recognized as a Site of Community Importance too. Among its forests there aren’t agricultural areas but rather mountain’s areas, which guarantee a high rate of biodiversity. There are numerous trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking tours.

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Technical data

City of departure: Cingoli

Departure: Cingoli

City of arrival: Cingoli

Arrival: Cingoli

Length (Km): 20

Difficulty: Hard

Discipline: MTB

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 961

Difference in downhill (m): 959

Highest point (m): 790

Lowest point (m): 386

Duration (h.): 4