Frasassi MTB Tour - Stage #4

The fourth stage of Frasassi MTB tour offers wonderful views. Dominated by the mighty Mount Cucco, it is characterized by a rewarding climb up to Pian di Porci, discovering wider and wider landscapes. Pretty and relaxing the beech forest of Val di Ranco, while the templar Abbey of St. Emiliano and the Prisons Valley offer moments of great spirituality. The medieval town of Pascelupo and its view of Mount Catria are the final postcard.

Technical description: The route is 43.5 km long and it is characterized by 8 km of uphill, from Vallina (altitude 430 m.) up to the pass between the mountains Pratiozzo and Testa Grossa (1,070 m.). The ground is good and pedaled. After the high-altitude valley of Val di Ranco the path goes down nicely. Two more climbs of 2 km each lead to the goal.

Technical tips: Especially in summer, we recommend a good water supply to deal with the long climb with no water sources. In the remaining part it is easier to refuel in the villages. You must have with you the main spare parts for your bike. It’s possible, as a result of rain, to encounter sections with mud. In this fourth stage you will cover about 10 km at an altitude between 900 and 1140 meters: thus, even in summer, it is good to carry a windbreaker jacket. For the same reason it is possible, in early spring or early fall, to find the latest or the first snows.

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Technical data

City of departure: Fabriano

Departure: Fabriano

City of arrival: Scheggia E Pascelupo

Arrival: Scheggia E Pascelupo

Length (Km): 44

Difficulty: Hard

Discipline: MTB

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 1850

Difference in downhill (m): 1810

Highest point (m): 1140

Lowest point (m): 364

Duration (h.): 7