The cycle path along the Lake of Varese

A short loop route along the Lake of Varese, crossing characteristic villages and admiring the views over the Varese' Pre-Alps.
The cycle path is immersed in the nature and illuminated by the blue of the lake, among lidos, piers, parks and cultural attractions.

Technical description:
The 28 km cycle-pedestrian route runs from Buguggiate. Starting at the lake in a clockwise direction, the small Sanctuary of the Madonna del Lago can be reached after a few meters. At 4th km the cycle path crosses the village of Bodio Lomnago, whose marina can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and, just beyond, the mount of Campo dei Fiori.
Continuing, you will arrive in the village of Cazzago Brabbia, where you can admire its perfectly preserved "ice-houses", stone constructions where once the fish was caught.

After passing the village, the route heads north to the Biandronno's pier, where you can embark to visit the little Isolino Virginia, UNESCO heritage for its prehistoric value.
Following the lake' shore and passing through fronds of weeping willows caressing the water, the route crosses Gavirate and Groppello to enter, at 21th km, in the pretty village of Calcinate del Pesce.
Finally, just before closing the loop route, the cycle path enters the 'Lido della Schiranna', the lakefront's most animated stretch, where is possible to rest in the Zanzi Park.

Technical description:
Except for 2 km of easily accessible dirt road crossing over Cazzago Brabbia, the route is completely on asphalt.

Technical tips:
Considering the ups and downs of the route (albeit rare and simple), a bicycle with derailleur is recommended.

Where to park:
Tigros Supermarket parking in Buguggiate (Via Verdi).

Recommended period:
All the year. Greater crowding in the public holidays' afternoon, especially at Lido della Schiranna.

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Points of interest


It is only six kilometers away from the city and for a long time it has been an economic source for the surrounding area, thanks to the fish wealth. Once considered as one of the most scenic lake in Lombardy, it has kept the charm of untouched landscapes over time. Its shores are scattered with elegant high class villas and small villages that harmonize well with the nature of the territory.


This tiny island is located just a few meters from the Biandronno' shore and is probably the most interesting historical place along the Lake of Varese. Here, in fact, in 1863 some prehistoric remains of the oldest Alpine Architectural palafittorial settlement have been found. For this reason, since 2011 the place is becoming UNESCO World Heritage Site. The little island hosts a small prehistoric museum, but it is itself a museum, as an archaeological and environmental bound area. He has changed several names, since 1878 he is called Virginia, in homage to the wife of Marquis Ponti who owned the island.


This small village located on the lake' shores is known especially for its Ice-Houses. They are some old stone buildings that were built at the end of the 18th Century to keep fresh the fish caught in the lake. Dug in about ten meters long’ banks, the ice-houses has got tapered roofs, similar to those of Apulian ‘Trullis’. Inside, the fishermen collected several ice blocks get in winter directly from the frozen lake surface, which so preserved for a year whole. In the village there is also a spontaneous marsh area protected by W.W.F, the Natural Reserve of the Brabbia Marsh, which can be visited.




Technical data

City of departure: Buguggiate

Departure: Buguggiate

City of arrival: Buguggiate

Arrival: Buguggiate

Length (Km): 28

Difficulty: Easy

Discipline: Cycling

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 70

Difference in downhill (m): 70

Highest point (m): 265

Lowest point (m): 238

Duration (h.): 2

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