The Mincio Cycle Path: from Mantua to Peschiera del Garda

A gentle cycle trail through local rivers and waterways

From Mantua, UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the imposing fortress of Peschiera del Garda, cycling in the quiet and welcoming atmosphere of one of the most beautiful “river routes” in Italy.
A special itinerary for lovers of easy cycling trails, bird-watching, and good food, following the banks of the River Mincio which crosses the provinces of Mantua and Verona in an environment rich in naturalistic and historical beauty.

Worth seeing are, without a doubt, the architectural jewels of Mantua, the various fishing villages along the way, the characteristic Valeggio sul Mincio and, finally, Peschiera del Garda, a city with an important military fortress, located on the southern shores of the lake by the same name.

Itinerary description:
The itinerary is 44 km long and develops almost entirely on cycle path.

From the station in Mantua you reach Cittadella, the town from which the Mantua-Peschiera cycle trail starts. The first stretch leads to Marmirolo, running along the Bosco Fontana Nature Reserve before continuing towards San Brizio and Rotta.
Then, following the Molinella canal, you reach Marengo; From here the cycle path follows the left bank of the river, remaining protected until the end. The trail crosses characteristic villages such as Pozzolo, Mulini di Volta Mantovana, and Borghetto, near which is Valeggio sul Mincio and the Sigurtà Park, both worth visiting.

The cycle path proceeds up to Monzambano and then to the Salionze dam, where it moves onto the right bank of the River Mincio where it stretches among poplars and reeds until it finally reaches Peschiera del Garda and its fortress.

Points of interest

Peschiera Del Garda
Peschiera Del Garda

From palafittes to the Roman Empire, from the Middle Ages to the Scaliger era, from the Venetian rule to Napoleon’s age, till the Habsburg rule, when Peschiera was one of the four strongholds of Italy’s hugest defence system, and the Unification period.

Valeggio Sul Mincio
Valeggio Sul Mincio


Among the main centres of the Italian Renaissance, Mantua has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Surrounded on three sides by the artificial Lakes of Mincio, it looks to be built from the waters. From 1328 to 1707, the government of the Gonzaga family created one of the finest European courts, of which fascinating remains can still be found near Piazza Sordello, the heart of the city: the Duomo, the Ducal Palace with Castle San Giorgio and the famous Camera degli Sposi painted by Mantegna, the Basilica of Sant'Andrea, and Palazzo Te, a place of leisure for the Gonzaga family. There are also numerous medieval palaces overlooking the characteristic Piazza delle Erbe, as well as the Rotonda di San Lorenzo, the oldest church in the city (11th century), and the Clock Tower.




Technical data

City of departure: Mantova

Departure: Mantova

City of arrival: Peschiera del Garda

Arrival: Peschiera del Garda

Length (Km): 44

Difficulty: Easy

Discipline: Racing bicycle

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 50

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 76

Lowest point (m): 15

Duration (h.): 3