Modena / Vignola

Modena / Vignola

<p>The route runs along the Modena-Vignola cycle path, that is developed along an old railway line. The best season to afford this pleasant journey is late spring, because after visiting the town of Modena and after riding between green fields...

Cycling around the city: Modena, delicious and lively

Cycling around the city: Modena, delicious and lively

Cycling in the Emilian capital of food and cars

<p><strong>Cycling</strong> in the Emilian city that has always been admired for its architectural treasures, its cooking and cultural life. Land of food and cars, Modena is full of small alleys, churches, in the old town, and palaces and big and...

Cycling from Modena to Bastiglia

Cycling from Modena to Bastiglia

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state_label: IT

region_label: Emilia-Romagna

province_label: Modena

address_label: Piazza Grande, 5

phone_label: +39 05920311

fax_label: +39 0592032620

altitude_label: 25/68

surface_label: 183.00

population_label: 184663

population_name_label: modenesi

population_density_label: 1011

fractions_label: Albareto, Baggiovara, Ca' Fusara, Cittanova, Cognento, Collegara, Ganaceto, Lesignana, Marzaglia, Navicello, Portile, San Donnino, Tre Olmi, Villanova

town_around_label: Bastiglia, Bomporto, Campogalliano, Carpi, Casalgrande (RE), Castelfranco Emilia, Castelnuovo Rangone, Formigine, Nonantola, Rubiera (RE), San Cesario sul Panaro, Soliera, Spilamberto

climate_class_label: E

class_seismic_label: 2

saints_label: San Geminiano di Modena