Ravenna and the sea

Ravenna and the sea

On MTB discovering the artstic beauties of the historical Romagna's city

<p>Starting from the beaches and the sea of the ‘Riviera’, privileged destination for the modern tourism, you go towards the town that was the last capital of the Western Roman Empire, to discover and to know some proofs of the historical...

On MTB from Cesena to Lido di Savio

On MTB from Cesena to Lido di Savio

From the Romagna's city to the Adriatic sea, cycling along the river Savio

<p>The route starts from <strong>Cesena</strong>, a city where there are important medieval and Renaissance remains, and it develops along the <strong>river Savio</strong>.</p> <p>The type of road can make the cycling challenging, but the chance...

Cycling in Chioggia, Ferrara and Ravenna - MULTISTAGE

Cycling in Chioggia, Ferrara and Ravenna - MULTISTAGE

<p>The total itinerary is a beautiful <strong>bike tour</strong> divided into <strong>ten stages</strong>, which winds through the <strong>Po Delta Park</strong> and then goes <strong>inland</strong> in contact with the towns and places that have...

Running around Ravenna

Running around Ravenna

<p>Discovering <strong>Ravenna</strong> and its artistic beauties, by <strong>running</strong>.</p> <p>The most important <strong>historical town</strong> in Romagna, following the <strong>Marathon of Ravenna</strong>'s longest track (November...

Urban Trek: Ravenna, capital of the mosaics

Urban Trek: Ravenna, capital of the mosaics

<p><u><strong>DESCRIPTION IS COMING SOON</strong></u></p>

state_label: IT

region_label: Emilia-Romagna

province_label: Ravenna

address_label: Piazza del Popolo, n. 1

phone_label: +39 0544482111

fax_label: +39 0544482359

altitude_label: 0/22

surface_label: 653.00

population_label: 158739

population_name_label: ravegnani o ravennati

population_density_label: 243

fractions_label: Camerlona, Casalborsetti-Primaro, Fornace Zarattini, Lido di Magnavacca, Lido Adriano, Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio, Mandriole, Marina di Ravenna, Marina Romea, Mezzano, Pialassa Baiona, Pialassa Piombone, Piangipane, Pineta San Vitale, Porto Corsini, Punta Marina Terme, San Michele, San Romualdo, Sant'Alberto, Sant'Antonio, Santerno, Savio, Torri, Villanova di Ravenna

town_around_label: Alfonsine, Argenta (FE), Bagnacavallo, Bertinoro (FC), Cervia, Cesena (FC), Comacchio (FE), Forlì (FC), Russi

climate_class_label: E

class_seismic_label: 2

saints_label: Sant'Apollinare di Ravenna