Ancient Romagna

Ancient Romagna

<p>Intriguing excursion for those who love mountain biking: from the flat beaches of Riccione’s nightlife to panoramic climbs on the Apennines of Toscana and Romagna. A fairly challenging route that borders the territory of San Marino, rich in...

Cycling around the city: Rimini, not just sea!

Cycling around the city: Rimini, not just sea!

<p>A great bike ride to discover <strong>Rimini</strong>, the main and most populous town of the Riviera romagnola. The city, with its renowned marina and its rich historical and artistic heritage, gives the cyclists a very impressive...

Urban Trek: Rimini, not just sea!

Urban Trek: Rimini, not just sea!

Discovering on foot the history and culture of the Riviera’s capital in Romagna

<p>A nice walk through the past and present<strong> history</strong> of the capital of the<strong> Riviera Romagnola</strong>, discovering the symbolic places of the city, linked together by <strong>parks</strong> and green areas near...

state_label: IT

region_label: Emilia-Romagna

province_label: Rimini

address_label: Piazza Cavour 27

phone_label: 0451904111


altitude_label: 15

surface_label: 135.71

population_label: 147393

population_name_label: Riminesi

population_density_label: 1086



climate_class_label: 0

class_seismic_label: 0

saints_label: San Gaudenzio di Rimini