Skiing in Abetone

Abetone, the heart of the Pistoia mountains, is the ideal location for an active holiday full of sports and fun. The town is the site of the ski area, which has about 50 km of slopes, served by no less than 22 modern and secure lifts.
Abetone is definitely one of the most important resorts of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

But the offer for Abetone’s winter season provides more than just skiing: the beautiful mountain landscape of the village is the perfect setting for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and hiking in the snow.
In summer, the white mantle gives way to the lush, green nature of the mountain, allowing hiking or mountain-biking up to the top of the mountains.

Technical description:
The numerous local ski slopes satisfy any levels, from beginners to professionals, and there are ski schools for adults and children who want to learn to ski under the guidance of qualified teachers.

There are 14 easy slopes, 14 medium and one difficult slope, all in perfect condition thanks to artificial snow making, obtained thanks to 46 snow guns and 9 snow groomer for the preparation of the paths.
The ski area can be discovered all in a day or two if you are intermediate skiers, so it is recommended for the weekend or even for a single day.

Recommended period: from December to April

Artificial snow: YES

Ski school: YES
School camps
Snow Park: YES, two

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Shuttles and connections:
You can get close to ski lifts with your own car, or if you are staying in Abetone, you can walk to the lifts.

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Points of interest


Mount Abetone owes its name to a huge century-old fir tree that was cut to build the road that leads to Modena. Apart from the facilities dedicated to winter sports lovers, Mount Abetone is also famous for attractions such as the Suspension Bridge in Mammiano Basso, which with its 220 metres is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world, the Botanical Garden (where you can find rare species of plants), and the stone Pyramids built to mark the border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of Modena.


Of glacial origins, located at 1730 metres a.s.l., it is surrounded by majestic Apennines ridges verging 2000 metres of altitude, in particular Alpe Tre Potenze. The lake derives its name from the gloomy reflection of its water, that converge in the Sestaione torrent. During summer and autumn, it is destination of long walks in the woods rich in plants and animals.


The importance of this simple-looking church consists above all in the circumstances of its foundation. Placed at a height of over a thousand meters, built since 1782, in fact, it is part of the architectural and engineering interventions desired by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold for this area, including the construction of the great road of Abetone, which linked Florence to Modena.




Technical data

City of departure: Abetone

Departure: Abetone

City of arrival: Abetone

Arrival: Abetone

Length (Km): 50

Difficulty: See infomap

Discipline: Alpine skiing/Snowboard

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 0

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 0

Lowest point (m): 0

Duration (h.): 0

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