Skiing in Champoluc

Enjoying the snow at the foot of Monte Rosa

At the end of the Ayas Valley in Val d'Aosta, going up the Evançon stream, is Champoluc, the most popular centre in the area and a well-known alpine ski area at an international level.

Champoluc is part of Monterosa Ski, a vast area featuring 180 km of slopes, most of which are covered by artificial snow. Modern ski lifts connect Champoluc with the Gressoney Valley through the Alpine pass of Colle della Bettaforca (2,705 m) while the great number of slopes suitable for Alpine skiing, all featuring different characteristics, allows visitors to always change views and routes.

From the village of Champoluc (1,568 m above sea level), departs a gondola lift to the Crest ski-area while, a few kilometres away, a cableway takes visitors to the Frachey - Alpe Ciarcerio facilities.

The lovers of snowshoe excursions, moreover, can take the short Ferraro-Verra ring route or the path (medium-length) between Col Vascoccia and Mount Facciabella; cross-country skiers can find 3 km of easy tracks in nearby Villy. Brusson, a renowned centre for Nordic skiing, is also easy to reach.
15 minutes away from Champoluc, at the Pissun di Mascognaz (1,630 m above sea level), there is also an exciting ‘ice wall’ to climb, while another – easier – climb is located in Le Bilance, in the upper Cuneaz Valley (ca. 2,100 m).

Technical description:
In total, the Champoluc ski-area offers 12 red and 3 blue slopes which wind in front of the final part of the Monte Rosa chain, with views of peaks such as Breithorn, Castore, and Polluce. 

Best period to visit: 
December to April

Snow-making system: YES

Skiing schools: YES
School slopes: YES

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Points of interest


An old, small Walser village located 1,935 metres above sea level, this is the point of arrival of the cableway that climbs from Champoluc. A perfect starting point for many summer hikes and winter panoramic skiing in the Monterosa Ski area is Rifugio Vieux Crest, surrounded by nature and overlooking Champoluc and the Ayas Valley.


The most important village of the Ayas Valley, it is located in the final part of the valley itself at a height of 1,568 m above sea level and it is, above all, a renowned ski resort included in the vast area of Monterosa Ski, connected with the area of Gressoney-La Trinité (with your skis on). One of the most important points of this ski area is the large Crest plateau, named after the village by the same name, which can be quickly reached via a special cable car. The area is rich in pine and larch forests, perfect for summer walks and surrounded by ski slopes in winter. Indeed, Champoluc is a popular destination even in summer thanks to the great number of naturalistic and mountaineering itineraries it offers. The village is indeed an ideal starting point to climb the Monte Rosa group, which on this side includes the Breithorn subgroup as well as Mountains Polluce and Castore, all peaks over 4,000 metres high. The old village preserves traditional houses (rascard) and there is no lack of references to the ancient Walser culture that has moulded these areas in the past centuries.




Technical data

City of departure: Saint Pierre

Departure: Saint Pierre

City of arrival: Saint Pierre

Arrival: Saint Pierre

Length (Km): 28


Discipline: Alpine skiing/Snowboard

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 0

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 2705

Lowest point (m): 1587

Duration (h.): 0