Skiing in Livigno

Livigno, the second highest municipality in Italy, is the most northerly of Lombardy and the most populated among the 26 Italian municipalities situated at more than 1,500 meters of altitude.
Livigno is one of the most complete ski resorts, both for the ski area and for its hospitality and services.
Due to the harsh climate, the snow remains until late in the season and it is always soft and powdery; if the natural one is missing, the number of cannons for artificial snow are ready to prepare a great ground on the slopes.

Livigno, known as "The Little Tibet" for particularly cold weather during winter, is a free port, for this reason is a popular shopping destination.

Technical description:
The variety of slopes is one of the great qualities of Livigno: fun for everyone, for every ability, with 12 'black' slopes, 37 'red' and 29 'blue'.
Expert skiers can satisfy their need of speed on rough and long slopes, including the exciting Giorgio Rocca slope.
Families and beginners have at their disposal suitable slopes and many fun areas equipped for learning the basic technique and to learn by playing.

The town lies in a small valley, while the ski area is placed along the mountains slopes that surround it. Unfortunately, there are two separate ski districts that, even with the same skipass and very close by each other, are not linked by skis yet.

The natural location and the climate make Livigno one of the locations where the ski season lasts longer and where the fun is assured thanks to the wide range of available routes. From November to May you will find 115 km of snow-covered slopes, perfectly connected by modern ski lifts.

Recommended period: from December to April

Artificial snow: YES
Thanks to the high altitude, natural snow is often present, in any case the temperatures allow almost always artificial snow making.

Ski school: YES, many
School camps: YES
Baby Park: YES
, many
Snow Park: YES

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Technical data

City of departure: Livigno

Departure: Livigno

City of arrival: Livigno

Arrival: Livigno

Length (Km): 115

Difficulty: See infomap

Discipline: Alpine skiing/Snowboard

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 0

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 2800

Lowest point (m): 1810

Duration (h.): 0

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