Bosco Chiesanuova


Mounts Lessini on a bike

Mounts Lessini on a bike

Discovering the Lessinia landscapes, with a look to Verona

<p>Isolated among the Adige valley, the Mounts Lessini and Valdagno, the<strong> Lessinia</strong> territory is not crossed by major roads and it’s not very known. It is a<strong> hilly area</strong>, which rises gradually from the plain of...

Huts and old contradas in Lessinia region

Huts and old contradas in Lessinia region

<p><u><strong>DESCRIPTION IS COMING SOON</strong></u></p>

state_label: IT

region_label: Veneto

province_label: Verona

address_label: Piazza della Chiesa, 35

phone_label: +390457050022

fax_label: +390457050389

altitude_label: 403/1797

surface_label: 65.00

population_label: 3663

population_name_label: boscochiesanuovesi

population_density_label: 57

fractions_label: Corbiolo, Lughezzano-Arzerè, Valdiporro

town_around_label: Ala (TN), Cerro Veronese, Erbezzo, Grezzana, Roverè Veronese, Selva di Progno

climate_class_label: F

class_seismic_label: 2

saints_label: San Vitale