Asiago - From the Plateau to Valbrenta

Asiago - From the Plateau to Valbrenta

<p>History has left clear signs in the mountains of the <strong>Asiago Plateau</strong>. Starting from the origins of its inhabitants, who are tough to descended from the ancient <strong>Cimbri</strong> of northern origin. The Cimbrian language,...

state_label: IT

region_label: Veneto

province_label: Vicenza

address_label: Piazza San Marco, 1

phone_label: +39 0424490131

fax_label: +39 0424490517

altitude_label: 203/1664

surface_label: 53.00

population_label: 1872

population_name_label: Eneghesi

population_density_label: 35

fractions_label: Fosse, Marcesina, Stoner

town_around_label: Grigno (TN), Cismon del Grappa, Asiago, Gallio, Foza, Valstagna

climate_class_label: F

class_seismic_label: 2

saints_label: Santa Giustina