Asiago Plateau

Asiago Plateau

<p>History has left clear signs on the mountains of the <strong>Asiago’s plateau.</strong> Starting from its habitants, that are taught to descent from the ancients <strong>Cimbri</strong> of the North. The Cimbra language, fallen into disuse,...

Asiago - On the Plateau, through nature and specialities

Asiago - On the Plateau, through nature and specialities

<p><strong>History</strong> has left clear signs in the mountains of the <strong>Asiago Plateau</strong>. Starting from the origins of its inhabitants, who are tough to descended from the ancient <strong>Cimbri</strong> of northern origin. The...

Asiago: Nordic skiing in Barenthal

Asiago: Nordic skiing in Barenthal

<p>The path winds through a forest of pine and fir trees and connects with the centers of <strong>Cesuna </strong>and <strong>Corno Mount</strong>, forming a <strong>ski district</strong> of about <strong>100 km</strong> of slopes, divided into...

state_label: IT

region_label: Veneto

province_label: Vicenza

address_label: Piazza IV Novembre 1

phone_label: +39 0424406009

fax_label: +39 0424407349

altitude_label: 229/1388

surface_label: 34.32

population_label: 2836

population_name_label: Lusiaghesi

population_density_label: 82

fractions_label: Campana, Laverda, Santa Caterina, Valle di Sotto, Velo, Vitarolo

town_around_label: Asiago, Conco, Lugo di Vicenza, Marostica, Salcedo

climate_class_label: F

class_seismic_label: 2

saints_label: San Giacomo