Brentei mountain refuge - XII Apostoli mountain refuge

The going gets tough. You have to exceed the saddle of Chamois, after climbing the gully of the same name. The environment is characterized by the lack of vegetation, this is the rock and ice kingdom. The crampons will be useful to overcome the short stretch of ice on the Vedretta dei Camosci. From the saddle you will see, looking down, the little XII Apostles refuge with its little church carved into the rock.

Technical description: From Refuge Brentei you take the alpine trail "Daniele Martinazzi" SAT 327 (EEA - MD) that passes through the bottom of the Val Brenta, passing at the foot of the ice wall of the Neri Gully, and then goes up on the opposite side until it arrives just below the north edge of Crozzon di Brenta. From here you walk along the west wall and you reach, on equipped rocks and snow, the Bocca dei Camosci (2784 meters) passing through the Vedretta of the same name. Then you descend to the refuge XII Apostles (2487 meters) in about 45 minutes, on a pebbly road along the Equipped Alpine Path of Ideale SAT 304 (EEA - MD). Total walking time Brentei Refuge - Refuge XII Apostles: 4 hours.

Technical tips: Refuge Brentei is accessible from Madonna di Campiglio, Val Rendena. From the village you travel by car to Vallesinella and you go up walking along the SAT 317 path that leads to the refuge in a 2h30minutes walk. In summer there is a shuttle bus service that leads from Madonna di Campiglio to Vallesinella. The Martinazzi path can be technically challenging, especially early in the season when the snow along the trail is still abundant. Before starting this stretch of DBT Expert check with the refuges the conditions of the path and the necessary equipment. NOTE: In the little church at the Refuge XII Apostles every year on the last Sunday of July is celebrated a Mass dedicated to the dead of the mountains, it is attended by hundreds of mountaineers and the S.O.S.A.T. Choir.

Points of interest


One of the most beautiful alpine scenery that can be admired during the path is the great amphitheater of the Dolomites that surrounds the Brenta Valley: the Brenta Francigli del Crozzòn peaks, Tosa and Cima Margherita peaks, Low Brenta Peak, the carving of Bocca Brenta, High Brenta Peak, the Low Campanil and the High Campanil, the Sfulminis, Armi Peak, Brenta’s Tower, Molveno Peak and Mandron Peak rise above the scree, the cliffs and the dense forest that covers the bottom and middle parts of the valley.




Technical data

City of departure: Caderzone

Departure: Caderzone

City of arrival: Pinzolo

Arrival: Pinzolo

Length (Km): 6

Difficulty: Ironroad very hard

Discipline: Trekking

Type of Itinerary: Short routes - Half day

Difference in height (m): 916

Difference in downhill (m): 617

Highest point (m): 2762

Lowest point (m): 2070

Duration (h.): 4