Costanzi Bivouac - Graffer mountain refuge

The stage goes down to lower elevations and it passes through pine forests and ruins of abandoned alpine grazing, it goes along the colossal walls of the Centonia and then in a softer road through the pasture of Malga Mondifrà in Campo Carlomagno. From here it climbs again up to the refuge Graffer, through pastures and larch trees.

Technical description: From the Bivouac Costanzi you climb along the trail SAT 365 (EE) to rejoin the path that goes down to the wild Vento Valley to the ruins of Malga Scale (1590 meters). From Malga Scale you proceed along the path SAT 355 (T) that crosses the Val Centonia and leads to the forest road that goes up to Malga Mondifrà (1632meters). You follow the sign for Malga Vaglianella (1826 meters), which can be reached in 30 minutes following the path and the forest road. From Vaglianella you continue on the forest road leading to Malga Vagliana (1974 meters) and from here you follow the path that quite steeply climbs to an altitude of 2.180 meters. The path continues flat to Rifugio Graffer (2263 meters). Total walking time: Malga Mondifrà - Pass Grostè: 2h 15m. NOTE: The last stretch of the trail from Malga Expert Mondifrà to Passo del Grostè follows not numbered paths but still marked.

Technical advice: Who wants to start the tour from this stage we announce that the most convenient access is from Carciato, Val di Sole. Above the village of Carciato, in "La Gnocca", you can leave your car and walk along the trail SAT 329 that leads to the Malga Scale ruins in 2h10m. Water supplies along the route: Source "Acqua dei Tartari" down the descent between Bivouac Costanzi and the ruins of Malga Scale, Malga Mondifrà, Malga Vaglianella, Malga Vagliana, a spring under Passo Le Grasse, Graffer Refuge. Malga Mondifrà offers a restaurant service and sells cheeses but it doesn’t have beds for the night. Malga Vaglianella provides a local with kitchen and bathroom.

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Technical data

City of departure: Pinzolo

Departure: Pinzolo

City of arrival: Ragoli

Arrival: Ragoli

Length (Km): 15

Difficulty: experienced hiker

Discipline: Trekking

Type of Itinerary: Short routes - Half day

Difference in height (m): 1134

Difference in downhill (m): 1244

Highest point (m): 2387

Lowest point (m): 1467

Duration (h.): 6