Graffer mountain refuge - Tuckett mountain refuge

With this stage we enter in the most "Dolomite" part of the tour, first passing by the Grostè and then along the rocky walls of the Torrione of Vallesinella and Castelletto Inferiore, up to the Tuckett Refuge.

Technical description: From the Refuge Graffer (2,263 meters) you go up along the trail SAT 331 (E) for about half an hour until you cross the path that comes from the Grostè pass and that, with a simple up and down, takes to Rifugio Tuckett (2271 meters) in an hour.

Tech tips: The Refuge Graffer can be reached from Campo Carlo Magno, Val Rendena, in a 2-hour walk on a forest road. Alternatively, you can take the Grostè cable car that always from Campo Carlo Magno goes up to the Grostè pass and from here you go down in a 20 minutes long walk along the trail SAT 301 to the refuge. The refuge is also accessible from Madonna di Campiglio, Val Rendena. From the village you travel by car to Vallesinella and you continue on foot along the paths SAT 382 and 331 that lead to the refuge in a 2h15m long walk. Alternatively, from the village you travel by car to the Spinale cableway which leads to the top of Mount Spinale and then you walk for 45 minutes along the trail SAT 331. In summer there is an active shuttle bus service that from Madonna di Campiglio takes to Vallesinella. Water supplies along the route: Graffer Refuge, Tuckett Refuge.

Points of interest


The “Vedretta di Brenta Inferiore” - also known as the Glacier of Tuckett - is a glacier that closes the valley behind the Tuckett refuge, in the Upper Vallesinella. The glacier is encased in the narrow valley that culminates in the ‘Bocca di Tuckett’ and has recently undergone significant morphological transformations, splitting it into several parts and losing whole chunks. Until the end of the ‘800, it was one of the biggest glaciers of the Brenta Dolomites Group and had an area of about 66 hectares, which felt after about 50 to 15 hectares today. It is fed mainly by avalanches that are deeply coming from the cliffs surrounding it, but, given the relatively low altitude where it is located, in recent years the residual snow has melted completely, depriving him of power.




Technical data

City of departure: Ragoli

Departure: Ragoli

City of arrival: Pinzolo

Arrival: Pinzolo

Length (Km): 5

Difficulty: hiking

Discipline: Trekking

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 383

Difference in downhill (m): 379

Highest point (m): 2436

Lowest point (m): 2168

Duration (h.): 2