Pedrotti Mountain Refuge - Malga Spora

One of the toughest and more spectacular stage of the tour. At first you enter in the rocky amphitheater of Busa Sfulmini, where you can admire the most famous and daring peaks of the Brenta, as the Campanil Basso. Then through a long and scenic exposed traverse (and a reckless descent and a steep slope) you get to cross a major landscape border. You  leave behind you the vertiginous walls and the rock towers to enter in the wild pastures of the eastern subgroup.

Technical description: From Rifugio Pedrotti you go down for a few minutes to a flat path just below the Rifugio Tosa (2439 meters) and there you take the trail SAT 303 (EEA - D) Equipped Path "Osvaldo Orsi", which wanders ups and downs the base of the large rocky side of Cima Brenta Alta and after a short distance it emerges in Busa Sfulmini and Massodi (2380 meters). The trail runs along the threshold of the hollow, it continues flat in Busa dei Armi (2450 meters) and then it briefly rises to the foot of Naso Massodi (2510 meters) from where it overlooks on the Val Perse. From here, the trail runs through a wide equipped ledge with a metal cable (the Sega Alta). Staying at the same altitude and crossing gravel roads and snowfields, you go around the base of the ‘E wall’ of Cima Brenta and then you climb up on gravel roads and you arrive just below Bocca del Tuckett (2540 meters) where it is clear the junction with the trail SAT 322 (EE). Along this path, crossing the Busa dell'Acqua, you reach the junction with the trail SAT 344 (E) on the valley floor of Vallazza. Following this trail you go up on the other side, along a very steep and demanding path that reaches the Passo del Clamer (2164 meters). From the pass, you go downhill along the simple grassy slope of the path SAT 344 (E), which in 30 minutes reaches the Malga Spora (1855 meters). Total walking time Rifugio Pedrotti - Malga Spora: 6 hours

Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Dorsino

Departure: Dorsino

City of arrival: Spormaggiore

Arrival: Spormaggiore

Length (Km): 12

Difficulty: Ironroad hard

Discipline: Trekking

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 1339

Difference in downhill (m): 1946

Highest point (m): 2572

Lowest point (m): 1710

Duration (h.): 7