The Giants High Way - Stage #6

The High Way n.1, called THE GIANTS HIGH WAY, is a hiking trail with an incomparable scenery: it develops at the foot of the highest massifs of Europe, such as Monte Rosa, Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. This itinerary offers, alongside the superb examples of natural architecture in the Alps, incomparable examples of rural architecture, closely linked to the pastures life.

It goes along the left bank of the Dora Baltea river, The High Way n.1 is viable by anyone since it follows well-marked and fully signaled footpaths. It develops in 17 daily stages, from Donnas to Courmayeur (requiring on average of 3/5 hour walk each) providing hikers resting stops and dining options for every need.

The high natural value of these environments and the high and famous mountains, full of history and companies, which act as a superb setting, offer a picture of the past that the hiker will simply have to admire and appreciate.

6th STAGEGressoney-Saint Jean - Crest (12,4 km)

Technical description: From the main parking area in Gressoney-Saint Jean you cross the torrent Lys to the right on a big wooden vehicle bridge and you go up along the dirt road that runs alongside the river and the golf fields and leads to the village of Tschemenoal.

Once crossed the stream to the left, you go up on the road for about 300 meters up the entrance of trail on the left. From here it begins to rise in altitude, gently at first and then more steeply, through a conifer forest with two waterfalls. This leads to the quaint Walser villages of Alpenzù where there is the Alpenzù Grande mountain Refuge.

The trail now takes a long diagonal across the meadows and reaches the Òndermònté pasture; once passed a sparsely planted conifer wood and climbed up the overlying pastures, the trail arrives to the Loasche pasture and from there, on steep slopes, it leads to the Col Pinter (2.777 m.) It descends along a rubble valley, and then it crosses a grassy plain to a rock formation above which, after numerous hairpin turns, you will reach the below pastures that lead to Cunéaz.

From here the route, in a short time, descends to Crest and ends at the Vieux Crest refuge.

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Technical data

City of departure: Gressoney Saint Jean

Departure: Gressoney Saint Jean

City of arrival: Ayas

Arrival: Crest

Length (Km): 12

Difficulty: experienced hiker

Discipline: Hike

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 1549

Difference in downhill (m): 1016

Highest point (m): 2783

Lowest point (m): 1386

Duration (h.): 6

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