The Route of Don Bosco - Track #3

Moncucco - Colle Don Bosco, on the path of St.Dominic

From Moncucco you reach Cascina Moglia - where Giovanni Bosco worked in his youth - to get to Castelnuovo, up to the village of Ranello and then, among beautiful vineyards, visit Mondonio, where St.Dominic Savio died. Following the path dedicated to him, you proceed through rolling hills up to Morialdo, then along the Road of the Pope to the top of the hill where Don Bosco was born. Here you can admire the imposing Basilica, set among his birthplace, a neo-Gothic church, the farm museum and the ethnographic one.

Technical description: After the Castle of Moncucco the road descends to Cascina Moglia, continuing through vineyards up to Lovencito then you turn left on the SP119 road, reaching Castelnuovo. Then the path goes up to St. Andrew, continuing on the old road to Albugnano: after San Pietro in Zucca you turn right towards Galavertino - Ranello - Mondonio. You descend down to the SP17 road, crossing it, then you follow the path of St. Dominic and you reach Morialdo. Finally, you go along the Road of the Pope to Colle Don Bosco.

Technical tips: Hiking cloths recommended: layers, backpack, shoes with non-slip sole, hat and sunglasses. Refreshments and shopping: in Moncucco and Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Public water fountains: in Moncucco (3 fountains near Vittorio Square and Castle Square), Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Mondonio, Morialdo and Colle Don Bosco.

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Points of interest


A characteristic rural house where the young Giovanni Bosco lived for two years, he worked for the Moglia family as errand boy in the countryside. Recently restored by the Salesians of Don Bosco’s first Oratory of Turin (Valdocco), it frequently welcomed Don Bosco and the boys who followed him in his famous walks.


Dominated by a beautiful castle, the ancient village of Mondonio hosted St. Dominic Savio, who lived and died here. His body rested in the small cemetery until the Salesians wanted him next to Don Bosco, in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. The library of the village is dedicated to Saint Dominic Savio and it is located in the woodshed of the Old City Bakery of 1746.


Village close to Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Here there are the house where the family of Dominic Savio lived from 1843 to 1853 – then it became a Salesian residence center for young people - and the Church of St. Peter, a country church that was frequented by the families of Giovanni Bosco and Dominic Savio .


The Freisa and Malvasia vineyards that surround this village near Castelnuovo - you will cross them along the Path - offer a truly picturesque scenery.




Technical data

City of departure: Moncucco Torinese

Departure: Moncucco Torinese

City of arrival: Castelnuovo Don Bosco

Arrival: Colle Don Bosco

Length (Km): 17

Difficulty: hiking

Discipline: Hike

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 257

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 403

Lowest point (m): 237

Duration (h.): 6