Andrea D'Onofrio - Lao Rafting

Andrea D’Onofrio

F.I.Raft (Italian Rafting Federation) Guide License.

Disciplines of specialization

Rafting, MTB


For the past two years I have moved permanently to Calabria, to Laino Borgo, a small town on the border between Calabria and Basilicata in the heart of the Pollino National Park. Since I was a child, since the small town did not offer much recreational opportunities, I began to become familiar with the river environment as a game, eventually making it my working environment. So I undertook my first courses in the rivers of the north and various experiences abroad, only to return every year, on time, to the Lao River. In addition to the now decade-long river experience, my attention to the Park area has grown more and more, so much so that I feel the need to become a hiking guide. Without a doubt, rafting on the Lao River is the activity that occupies most of the days but, as soon as it is possible, I also immerse myself in trekking to the most beautiful peaks.



International Rescue 3 (river rescue) license. Bls-d (basic life support defribillation) operator. G.A.E. Guide Environmental Hiking Guide recognized by A.I.G.A.E. (Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides). Responsible for F.I.Raft. technicians for the Calabria Region. Member of the flood rescue nucleus of the Civil Defense Lucano Group. I have been working with the asd Lao Canyon Rafting (of which I am a member) for about 14 years.


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