Asiago - On the Plateau, through nature and pastures

History has left clear signs in the mountains of the Asiago Plateau. Starting from the origins of its inhabitants, who are tough to descended from the ancient Cimbri of northern origin. The Cimbrian language, now abandoned, is still present in places’ names and surnames of many families. Rituals and ancient customs, along with the ancient legends of gnomes, fairies and other creatures of the woods, charm the Sette Comuni’s visitors.
The Great War, which devastated Asiago’s countries and landscapes, it’s a far away painful experience, but still perfectly tangible through the remains of thousands of trenches and fortifications and the proofs collected in museums. The archaeological sites help to add further charm to the discovery of this unique land.

Technical description:
The loop path is 60 km long, medium difficulty, with long stretches at high altitude, but always on paved road.
From Asiago follow the road that leads east to Gallio, Valley Campomulo, Campanella (where for a while you take a side street) and then Foza (20th km). Going out of the town, maintaining the same road, begins a steady climb, passing by Stoner and Bivio Dori (keep left), it continues to the highest point of the trail near Mount Frizzon.
Here it remains at high altitude (around 1,300 meters) for about 10 km, bypassing Mount Lisser, surrounded by nature and pastures.
The loop path ends with the descent towards Foza and the return to Asiago on the same previous road.

Monte Badenecche Chiesetta di San Lorenzo

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Technical data

City of departure: Asiago

Departure: Asiago

City of arrival: Asiago

Arrival: Asiago

Length (Km): 55

Difficulty: Average

Discipline: Racing bicycle

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 2340

Difference in downhill (m): 2340

Highest point (m): 1398

Lowest point (m): 877

Duration (h.): 4