Asiago Plateau

History has left clear signs on the mountains of the Asiago’s plateau. Starting from its habitants, that are taught to descent from the ancients Cimbri of the North. The Cimbra language, fallen into disuse, it is still present in the places’ names and in many families’ nicknames. Millennial rites and customs, ancient legends about gnomes, fairies and other bushes’ creatures fascinate the visitors of the ‘Sette Comuni’.
The Great War that devastated towns and landscapes of Asiago it’s a far away experience, but it’s still tangible through the remains of thousands of fortifications, foxholes and museums. The archeological sites contribute to add further fascination at the discover of this unique land.

Technical description:
The cyclist ring path has a medium difficulty, always on cycling road. It starts from Asiago and it goes towards the localities of Gallio, Ronchi, Stoccareddo, Sasso, Rifugio Fontanelle and Puffele then it goes on Mount Corno in Lusiana, where you can admire the Partisan Monument and the Botanic Alps Garden. Then it goes back down passing by Mazzette. There is the chance to make a variation in the last part, avoiding the Mount Corno: at the Fontanelle mountain refuge go toward Turcio and at the crossroad by the golf camp go towards the little church of San Sisto, then go back to Asiago passing by Ave.


Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Asiago

Departure: Asiago

City of arrival: Asiago

Arrival: Asiago

Length (Km): 53

Difficulty: Average

Discipline: Racing bicycle

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 710

Difference in downhill (m): 493

Highest point (m): 1290

Lowest point (m): 583

Duration (h.): 1

Cycling: 100