Mounts Lessini on a bike

Discovering the Lessinia landscapes, with a look to Verona

Isolated among the Adige valley, the Mounts Lessini and Valdagno, the Lessinia territory is not crossed by major roads and it’s not very known. It is a hilly area, which rises gradually from the plain of Verona up to almost 2000 meters in the Mounts Lessini, which border it to the north.
It presents a wide variety of landscapes: from the plains where the Adige flows lazily, to the intensively cultivated hills of Valpolicella (famous for its excellent wine), to the mountains with alpine pastures and forests of beech and fir.

Technical description:
The proposed route of about 120 km, can be easily done by bike in a day but it is worth to dedicate a second day to visit Verona, which is surprising for its historical center so well preserved, with splendid churches and buildings.
The route starts from Verona, in plains, and gradually climbs the hills and then the mountains in the north up to the Lessinia Regional Park.

Technical tips:
Due to the length of the path, you should take with you something to drink and to eat.

Arena di Verona e piazza Bra Piazza Bra Erbezzo Piazza di Bosco Chiesanuova Panoramica di Velo Veronese

Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Verona

Departure: Verona

City of arrival: Verona

Arrival: Verona

Length (Km): 120

Difficulty: Hard

Discipline: Racing bicycle

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 1950

Difference in downhill (m): 1950

Highest point (m): 1540

Lowest point (m): 62

Duration (h.): 7

Cycling: 100