On two wheels in the heart of the Mediterranean

This bike tour divided in stages not only allows to immerse in the beautiful landscapes of Puglia between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas, but also to know the sympathy and the hospitality of southern people.
This territory is full of history: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, the Hapsburgs, Bourbons have left a deep scar in the culture of the region.

Technical description:
The total distance is 300 km perfectly doable, sometimes even on a cycle path. You go to discover the 'Spur of Italy', in a one-week tour that leads from Alberobello to Lecce after going through the entire coast of Salento.
From the famous Trulli, Unesco heritage, the path goes through the Val d'Itria to Ostuni and the Natural Park of Torre Guaceto. From the Adriatic coast you go in the hinterland (cycle path of Mesagne) to the Ionian sea and Gallipoli. The last stage runs the entire coast of Salento, proceeding south to Santa Maria di Leuca and then going towards Otranto. Near Torre dell’Orso, you take the road to Lecce, where the tour ends.

Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Alberobello

Departure: Alberobello

City of arrival: Lecce

Arrival: Lecce

Length (Km): 300

Difficulty: Average

Discipline: Racing bicycle

Type of Itinerary: Great routes

Difference in height (m): 425

Difference in downhill (m): 425

Highest point (m): 378

Lowest point (m): 0

Duration (h.): 64

: 20

Cycling: 100