filippo menegatti

Filippo Menegatti

Nordic walking instructor

Disciplines of specialization

Nordic Walking


I was born in Asiago on April 14, 1976, after attending the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences I become a nature and cultural worker for the Scientific Committee of the CAI, and a Nordic Walking instructor. I collaborate on forest surveys and forest restoration plans, recovery and GPS mapping of boundaries, trails and roads. My great passion for the Plateau led me to collaborate with the University of Padua, and the Spett.Le Reggenza dei Sette Comuni, on a project to recover the original Foza sheep. In fact, for many years I have been involved in the recovery of this very ancient native breed, and at the Foza Ethnographic Museum, in the section dedicated to pastoralism, I am the curator of the scientific part.



to 2000 I am president and founding member of the Ass. Friends of Foza History, which in addition to enhancing and safeguarding all historical aspects related to the village, is responsible for the maintenance of the Bosnian war cemetery at Slapeur malga in Foza and the organization of the international ceremony commemorating the 1st Battle of the Melette. Ceremony that rotates from year to year in Austria in Graz, in Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo or Banja-Luka and in Italy in Foza. In 2004, having completed my VFA volunteer military service first at 78th Rgt “Lupi di Toscana” in Florence and then in Military Court in Padua, I joined the National Association of Italian Infantrymen. For my commitment to the research and remembrance of all fallen soldiers, I was awarded the “Black Cross of Austria” and the ORMA Medal (Honor Recognition of Associative Merit). In 2009, at the Ministry of Telecommunications, I obtained the Class A Amateur Radio Station Operator’s License. I have been, for years now, in Civil Defense and A.I.S. (Italian Ass. Soccorritori) and became a BLS-D instructor in 2011. (Basic Life Support -Defebrillation; Life function support using defibrillator through basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early defibrillation). I have been a member of the “GUIDE ALTOPIANO” Association as a historical guide since 2010. For many years, my studies have been directed primarily toward this topic, and over the years I have found myself taking numerous courses and delving into the subject specifically, in part through the knowledge of writers and experts in the field. Since 2010 I have collaborated with the 15/18 War Museum in Canove di Roana and the Battle of the Three Mountains in Sasso di Asiago.


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