Bruno Angeli

Bruno Angeli - Guides & Tutor Va

Corso Bra, 4/c 12051 Alba (CN)

He's a mountain bike and cycling guide, offering services in the area of the province of Cuneo. Angeli has 58 and has always been a sportsman:...

Francesco Martino

Francesco Martino - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Palazzuolo, 60 50123 Firenze (FI)

I’ve been working as an environmental hiking guide and as a tourist guide for 5 years. Graduated in Cultural Anthropology, I’ve always been...

Luigi Carbonaro - Asd Gargano Trail Center

Luigi Carbonaro - Asd Gargano Trail Center - Guides & Tutor Va

via Trepiccioni , 5 Vieste (FG)

The Asd Gargano Trail Center represents the world of Mountain bike in Gargano (Puglia), with Cross Country, Enduro, All Mountain and Downhill. We...

Andrea Pellini - Lunigiana Marketing & Web

Andrea Pellini - Lunigiana Marketing & Web - Guides & Tutor Va

Via E. Casciari 30/M 54011 Aulla (MS)

I deal with the creation of websites and Web marketing for tourist facilities in Lunigiana, my land. I think that the promotion of a company, of a...

Claudio Baldi - Asd Nordic Walking Andrate

Claudio Baldi - Asd Nordic Walking Andrate - Guides & Tutor Va

Piazza Fraschetto 10 10010 Andrate (TO)

Agronomist, with twenty years of experience in regional promotion projects and local products (author of Turin’s typical products Atlas). Nordic...

Matteo Brusa

Matteo Brusa - Guides & Tutor Va

40064 Ozzano Dell'Emilia (BO)

I work in the sphere of sports tourism and mountain biking. I’m specialized in accompanying disabled people in MTB (Handbike and Tandem offroad)...

Alessandro Fantelli - Sporting Center Val di Sole

Alessandro Fantelli - Sporting Center Val di Sole - Guides & Tutor Va

via Gole, 105 Dimaro (TN)

In Val di Sole (Trentino), the Rafting Center Val di Sole offers a multitude of extreme sports, such as rafting, mountain bike freeride, hydro...

Fabio Donà - Bike Veneto

Fabio Donà - Bike Veneto - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Vittorio Bachelet 7 37067 Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)

I’m the founder of Bike Veneto, we promote and network everything about cycling that Veneto - the "Bike Valley of Italy" - offers. With my staff...

Luca Cerutti - E-Traction

Luca Cerutti - E-Traction - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Repubblica 87 28887 Omegna (VB)

Luca Negrini - ASD Bikebernina

Luca Negrini - ASD Bikebernina - Guides & Tutor Va

Via S.Elisabetta 34 23020 Caspoggio (SO)

MTB lover and one of the founders of Bikebernina A.S.D., the sports association that deals with MTB in Valmalenco. I am an Amibike Guide and...

Marco Oggioni - Aleste Tour

Marco Oggioni - Aleste Tour - Guides & Tutor Va

Viale Stelluti Scala 137 60044 Fabriano (AN)

We are specialized in active holidays for all ages. Walk, cycle and observe are our favorite verbs: hiking, mountain biking and cycling our...

Salvatore D'Aniello

Salvatore D'Aniello - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Emilio Scaglione 474/C 80145 Napoli (NA)

Owner of S&R Performance, a company founded in 1985 with the name of “D'Aniello Cycles”. Initially it was a shop for all kinds of bicycles...

Marco Angeleri – Bike e Run Lovers

Marco Angeleri – Bike e Run Lovers - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Isacco Artom, 131 00151 Roma (RM)

Roberto Ercoli

Roberto Ercoli - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Dei Gasperi 38020 Commezzadura (TN)

Marche and Bike

Marche and Bike - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Furlo 100 61041 Acqualagna (PU)

The Cooperative “MARCHE and BIKE” was born from our passion for the world of cycling. We appeal to all people who choose an active holiday, an...

Luca D'Alba - Avventurieri del Sud

Luca D'Alba - Avventurieri del Sud - Guides & Tutor Va

via Cirillo n. 6 87070 Cerchiara di Calabria (CS)

In 2011 was born the Association Avventurieri del Sud. Year after year we have specialized in accompanying tourists, and today we organize...

Luca Orlandini

Luca Orlandini - Guides & Tutor Va

via verica 33 41026 Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)

Mountain bike Master and Nordic walk trainer. Expert of the Modena Apennines, mainly in the Frignano area. I collaborate with AMI mtb national...

Adriano De Nardis

Adriano De Nardis - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Padre Silvestro De Nardis, 3 0326 Pofi (FR)

I have always been charmed by nature and its many faces, MTB passion did the rest. Every time I go exploring I love tracking down new itineraries....

Fabrizio Bellucci - “Zaino in Spalla”

Fabrizio Bellucci - “Zaino in Spalla” - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Garegnano 39/A 20156 Milano (MI)

My name is Fabrizio Bellucci but most people know me by my nickname: Bicio.  An ex IT technician, since 2004 I take people on hiking tours in the...

Federica Giuliani - Wolftour

Federica Giuliani - Wolftour - Guides & Tutor Va

Largo San Nicola, 5 65017 Penne (PE)

In our tours there are opportunities to enjoy unique experiences, as unique is the Abruzzo land: it's possible to look at the sea from a mountain...

Jacopo Pellizzari - Trentino Adventures a.s.d.

Jacopo Pellizzari - Trentino Adventures a.s.d. - Guides & Tutor Va

Loc. Mosaz 38067 Ledro (TN)

I am a young Alps Trentino Guide who lives in the beautiful Ledro Valley. In summer we offer accompanied tours in many activities on our...

Fabio Boeti - Bike Experience

Fabio Boeti - Bike Experience - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Paradiso 10 37066 Sommacampagna (VR)

Cyclist-amateur and touristic cyclist for passion, then transformed into a real job. In May 2015 I created Bike Experience to become a reference...

Igor Grigis

Igor Grigis - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Eugenio Curiel, 44 20066 Melzo (MI)


Avanguardie - Guides & Tutor Va

Porto Selvaggio 73048 Narḍ (LE)

Come walk with us in Salento and in the rest of Puglia, among dolmens, menhirs, farms, forests, orchids, crypts, caves, karstic canyons and of...

Massimiliano Ricci - Aleste Tour

Massimiliano Ricci - Aleste Tour - Guides & Tutor Va

Strada Provinciale 60041 Sassoferrato (AN)

Graduated from the AMI Bike National School as mountain bike guide. Thanks to my job and my passion for this sport, I know very well the territory...

Filippo Gregori

Filippo Gregori - Guides & Tutor Va

Strada della Pergoletta 36100 Vicenza (VI)

I am a Tuscan environmental hiking guide and I am fond of geography and outdoor activities. I like discovering the territory and I do it step by...

Cinzia Frascarelli - Bike Team Monti Azzurri

Cinzia Frascarelli - Bike Team Monti Azzurri - Guides & Tutor Va

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 5 62020 Caldarola (MC)

ASD Bike Team Blue Mountains was founded in 2010 to promote the territory looking at nature, culture and sports. Besides the MTB and BDC we also...

Massimiliano Cusenza - Asd Gargano Trail Center

Massimiliano Cusenza - Asd Gargano Trail Center - Guides & Tutor Va

via Trepiccioni , 5 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)

The Asd Gargano Trail Center represents the world of Mountain bike in Gargano (Puglia), with Cross Country, Enduro, All Mountain and Downhill. We...

Freddy Mair - Funactive Tours

Freddy Mair - Funactive Tours - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Stazione 3 39034 Dobbiaco (BZ)

Our main feature is to be exclusively devoted to tourism with the use of bicycle, allowing us to ensure to each type of cyclist a personalized...

Riccardo Giordano

Riccardo Giordano - Guides & Tutor Va

Piazza della Radio, 45 00146 Roma (RM)

I have always loved travelling and all kinds of outdoor activities, so much so that I have combined them together and made them become my...

Pasquale Larocca

Pasquale Larocca - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Castelfidardo 10A 85030 Terranova di Pollino (PZ)

I work in tourism and sports services. I practice ski activities in all its forms (cross-country - alpine - mountaineering), I do snowshoeing and...

Stefano Porcu

Stefano Porcu - Guides & Tutor Va

Piazza Caravadossi 17043 Carcare (SV)

My name is Stefano and I live in Carcare, a small town in the Ligurian hinterland. I love practising outdoor sports, enduro MTB, hiking, and...

Andrea D'Onofrio - Lao Rafting

Andrea D'Onofrio - Lao Rafting - Guides & Tutor Va

Corso Umberto I 120 87014 Laino Borgo (CS)

Two years ago I moved permanently in Calabria, in Laino Borgo, a small town on the border between Calabria and Basilicata in the heart of the...

Pasquale Piergianni

Pasquale Piergianni - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Settembrini 27 Manduria (TA)

After decades in the world of cycling, the love for open air life, the sensation to feel good with others and the spirit of adventure have found a...

Luca Lambertini

Luca Lambertini - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Gino Zocca, 17 40050 Monte San Pietro (BO)

Technical titles: - National Master of Mountain Bike - Uisp cycletourist guide, Simb. Instructor

Maurizio Manna

Maurizio Manna - Guides & Tutor Va

Piazza Matteotti 22 73014 Gallipoli (LE)

Our Tutor for the Salento area, Maurizio Manna.

Lorenzo Baldi - Mountain Evolution

Lorenzo Baldi - Mountain Evolution - Guides & Tutor Va

S.S. 17 bis Assergi 18 67010 L'Aquila (AQ)

I was born in Rome, I left the city in 1994 to live in Calascio, a small village within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, on the...

Barbara Pekari - Hakuna Matata Outdoor

Barbara Pekari - Hakuna Matata Outdoor - Guides & Tutor Va

Via del Saltecchio 52B 58036 Roccastrada (GR)

Piergiorgio Guelpa - Montefeltro Adventure Bike & Walk

Piergiorgio Guelpa - Montefeltro Adventure Bike & Walk - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Urbinate n°128 Località Trasanni Urbino ()

I am a cycle and MTB guide, I graduated from the Amibike school and I am a Uisp-Coni affiliated. With the association we organize cycling tours,...

Gianluca Cavaliere - Abra Calabria

Gianluca Cavaliere - Abra Calabria - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Veneto, 2 89015 Palmi (RC)

My name is Gianluca, I m 42 and have always been keen on outdoor activities. Originally from southern Italy, Calabria, I ve been travelling around...

Giovanni Andrea Baldassi

Giovanni Andrea Baldassi - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Torino 33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD)

Claudio Greifemberg - Val di Sole Bike

Claudio Greifemberg - Val di Sole Bike - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Gole, 428 38025 Dimaro (TN)

Passion for sports, for nature and for everything that is fun, finding new friends ... that's Val di Sole Bike Rent & Tour. A group of mountain...

Livia Panella - Hakuna Matata Outdoor

Livia Panella - Hakuna Matata Outdoor - Guides & Tutor Va

via G. Toniolo 6 58100 Grosseto (GR)

Caterina Ghetti - La Brada Toscana

Caterina Ghetti - La Brada Toscana - Guides & Tutor Va

Strada della Valle 56 58100 Grosseto (GR)

Andrea Masala - Oroseinbike

Andrea Masala - Oroseinbike - Guides & Tutor Va

Via San Francesco 94 08028 Orosei (NU)

After the first years of competitive activity in the regional mountain bike circuit, specifically with Cross-Country discipline, I decided to...

Alessandro Bertelli - Hakuna Matata Outdoor

Alessandro Bertelli - Hakuna Matata Outdoor - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Toniolo, 6 58100 Grosseto (GR)

I was born in Maremma, the heart of Tuscany, a land that kept unchanged its nature, history traditions, food, making it a unique land. I have...

Giulio Cuccioli

Giulio Cuccioli - Guides & Tutor Va

Via di Padule 25 56124 Pisa (PI)

I've been working as a Guide for 4 years now: have been accompanying foreign tourists across Tuscany; I've been creating, organizing and managing...

Michele Festini - Dolomiti Trail

Michele Festini - Dolomiti Trail - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Crode, 49 32040 Comelico Superiore (BL)

My name is Michele and since many years I have several sport passions, among them Mountain Bike, Ski mountaineering, Nordic skiing, Climbing,...

Paolo Sandigliano - Asd STSBike

Paolo Sandigliano - Asd STSBike - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Addis Abeba, 8/1 13900 Biella (BI)

MTB passion has led me to the need of sharing my experiences with future new friends. STSBIke is a project that wants to realise all this, with...

Valeria Lazzarini

Valeria Lazzarini - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Licinia 13/3 40133 Bologna (BO)

I started paddling in 2009, attending the beginners course at the Canoe Club Bologna. In a short time a real passion for this sport was born and,...

Alberto Amadori

Alberto Amadori - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Indipendenza 40121 Bologna (BO)

Tutor di redazione VA!

Tutor di redazione VA! - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Caruso 65 40053 Vignola (MO)

The Editorial Staff of Vacanzattiva keeps publishing new and valuable itineraries both from a naturalistic and a cultural point of view, selecting...

Gianfranco Esposito

Gianfranco Esposito - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Albegna 76 58015 Orbetello (GR)

Andrea Massaccesi

Andrea Massaccesi - Guides & Tutor Va

Vicolo del Teatro 8 62011 Cingoli (MC)

My experience in outdoor sports starts with skiing and hiking in central Apennines mountains; in 1990 I began to practice mountain biking, sport...

Saverio De Marco

Saverio De Marco - Guides & Tutor Va

Via Mezzana Salice, 271 85030 San Severino Lucano (PZ)

He's a professional nature, hiking and intrepretive guide from San Severino, where every year the Italian Hiking Festival is held, into the...