Come walk with us in Salento and in the rest of Puglia, among dolmens, menhirs, farms, forests, orchids, crypts, caves, karstic canyons and of course, sea. On foot or by bike, by boat, in parks, in cities and caves, day and night, all year round, wherever we can find beauty and flavor. Here's how and where the environmental and tourist guides of Avanguardie can lead you.

Guides for passion.

Guides by profession.

Avanguardie guides, members of the Italian Association of Environmental and Excursionist Guides recognized by the law 13/2012, do a professional activity under the Law 4/2013.

Specific details:

Our work takes place in Puglia, between the geographic areas of Salento, Murgia and Gargano, in the best parks and places.

As an example:

• Regional Natural Park "Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano" (LE)

• Regional Natural Park "Island of St. Andrew and Punta Pizzo’s coast " (LE)

• Regional Natural Park "Coast of Ugento" (LE)

• Regional Natural Park "Otranto Coast-Santa Maria di Leuca and Tricase wood" (LE)

• Regional Natural Park "Wood and swamps of Rauccio" (LE)

• Protected Marine Area "Porto Cesareo" (LE)

• Oriented Natural Reserve "Count’s Swamp and coastal dune" - Porto Cesareo (LE)

• Regional Natural Oriented  Reserve “Pianelle Forest” (TA)

• Regional Natural Oriented Reserve "Eastern Taranto Coast" (Mouth of Chidro, Old Salt works and dunes of Torre Colimena, Count’s swamp and coastal dunes, Cuturi woods and Rosamarina) (TA)

• Regional Natural Park "Gravine’s land" (TA)

• Regional Natural Park "Torre Canne’s dune - San Leonardo Tower" (BR)

• National Park "Alta Murgia" (BA)

• National Park "Gargano" (FG)

• Lakes Alimini (LE)

• Coast and Serre of Salento (LE)

• Trulli’s Murgia (TA and BR)

• Dauno’s appenines (FG)

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Masseria Torre Nova, strada Brusca - Masseria Torre Nova, strada Brusca

"Porto Selvaggio" Regional Park on MTB

"Porto Selvaggio" Regional Park on MTB

Masseria Torre Nova - Strada Brusca - Masseria Torre Nova - Strada Brusca

Porto Selvaggio - TREKKING

Porto Selvaggio - TREKKING

Masseria Torre Nova, strada Brusca - Masseria Torre Nova, strada Brusca

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Country: Italy

Region: Puglia

District: Lecce

City: Nardò

Address: Porto Selvaggio

Phone: +39/3493788738


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