Lorenzo Baldi

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Hiking, Trekking, Snowshoeing


Born in Rome, I left the city in 1994 to live in Calascio, a small village within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park on the southern slope of Gran Sasso. The mountains have played and continue to play a fundamental role in my life since I was a boy, when, in both winter and summer, I would leave by train from Rome to explore nearby Abruzzo. This led me to be an Alpine first, then a refuge manager, later working on the trails of the Gran Sasso until I became a Medium Mountain Guide in 2005. The evolution of my mountain going has gone from a simple walker to a careful observer of nature. I am a great lover of skiing in all its aspects: cross-country skier, hiker and ski mountaineer. Today I have made my passion a profession, with the intention of passing on my love of nature and the mountains to others. I consider myself an excellent connoisseur of the Abruzzi and Alpine mountains, with experience ranging from Val d’Aosta to South Tyrol, where I often organize treks.



Mountain Guides and Medium Mountain Companions are the only professional figures recognized by Italian law qualified to professionally carry out the activity of accompanying people in the mountains. L. nr 6/1989; LR nr 86/1998. MOUNTAIN EVOLUTION – Mountain Evolution is a mountain school recognized by the Abruzzo region, born thanks to a few friends, who in life have chosen to make their passion for the mountains a profession, becoming Mountain Guides and Medium Mountain Companions. We created this entity, “Mountain Evolution,” for the purpose of promoting through a single channel our profession, which ranges from “simple” hiking to various summer and winter mountaineering activities. Mountain Evolution, in addition to its normal accompanying activities, has collaborative experiences with various Italian and foreign associations, companies and operators.


Rates for mountain guiding range from 160 to 240 euros per day/guide depending on the activity (hiking/mountaineering) and can be found on the website of the National College of Mountain Guides or on the websites of the various Regional Colleges of Mountain Guides (www.guidealpineabruzzo.it).

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