Paolo Sandigliano

Paolo Sandigliano

Mountain Bike Master Asd STSBike

Disciplines of specialization

E-Bike, MTB


My passion for MTB and the many miles spent on two wheels led me to want to share experiences by involving new future friends. STSBIke is the project that wants to accomplish all this, with my efforts and those of Maurizio and Massimo. Together we propose tours to be done with our E-Bikes (which are available to bikers) in the Biella area, but not only: our experience also covers the Aosta Valley, Lower Piedmont and Liguria. And there is also room for those who enjoy traditional MTB!



Mountain Bike Instructor Diploma from the AMIBIKE National Instructor School (E-Bike, Freeride and BLS-D brevet)


Accompaniment: € 30 per person for 1|2 day (Max. 4 h), € 50 per person for full day (Max. 7 h). E-Bike rental only (Full suspended, 27.5″): € 40 for 1/2 day, € 55 for 1 day. Rates for organized tours are given in the specifications of each event.

The paths created for Vacanzattiva

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