Museo della Civiltà del Vino Primitivo

At Museum of the civilization of Primitive wine, which is a popular location for wine tourists and experts of demo-anthropology, you will be welcomed by a friendly professionalism and at the end of the visit, you will taste the genuine Primitive DOC Wine (Memoria,Lirica, Elegia and Madrigale).

The rich gallery of finds and artifacts, made between the middle of ‘800 and the beginning of ‘900 (it must be considered that in the Museum there is also a big press with a stone base dated during XVIII century), is exposed with some original coeval documents, that reproduce writings and images related to wine and agriculture.

The remarkable gallery of finds and artifacts dates back to the middle of ‘800 and the beginning of ‘900 (but the Museum also hosts an XVIII century big press with a stone base) which are exposed side by side with some original coeval documents reporting writings and images related to wine and agriculture. Among them, there is an edict written by Ferdinando I of Borbone in 1823.

The Museum is also the winemaking cooperative of wine producers in Manduria area and the right place where to buy and taste these nectars.


Guided tours for schools, small groups or single person

Wine tasting

General price list:

Group visits: from 6 to 30 €

Single person visits: from 10 to 15 €


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Country: Italy

Region: Puglia

District: Taranto

City: Manduria

Address: c/o Consorzio Produttori vini Via Fabio Massimo, 19

Phone: 0999735332

Fax: 0999701021