Masseria Cuturi

From a charming and appealing environment, Cuturi Farm emerges as an ancient stone ship. It’s in this environment that from the farm’s vineyards are produced high quality wines and from the olive trees (many of them are centuries old) a much higher quality oil is produced.

In 1881, a Manduria’s landowner, Don Tommaso Schiavoni-Tafuri, married the Countess Sabina of Altamura. Don Tommaso planted the vine plants of Primitivo brought as a dowry by his wife to Cuturi, in the farm that he had taken over, and the fruits were superior to any expectations.

Primitivo of Manduria proved to be more alcoholic and full-bodied than other Apulian products and had great success in France as a blending wine, when a few years later the phylloxera destroyed the Languedoc-Roussillon vineyards. Today, in the reborn Cuturi, blended wines are no longer produced, but a great, proud Italian wine for the most demanding tables.


Bosco di Cuturi Primitivo wine - Primitivo Monte dei Diavoli – Fiano

Cuturi oil

General price list:

- Wines from 4 to 10 €

- Oil from 5 to 8 €


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Country: Italy

Region: Puglia

District: Taranto

City: Manduria

Address: Via XX Settembre 75

Phone: 3423705830