TTG Incontri the most important Italian tourism trade fair returns to Rimini

Rome's capital city once again hosts the Travel Experience, a key event for understanding new trends in a sector vital to our economy. Also in the spotlight is the active vacation with a dedicated workshop

The TTG Travel Experience represents the international B2B tourism fair that, annually, offers the latest in the segment (so important for our country) of tourism in Italy and around the world. In addition, debates and conferences are organized as part of the event that are essential for the professional development of professionals in the field.

The event, the most important in the industry in Italy and among the top 5 in the Old Continent, is set for Oct. 12-14 at the Rimini Exhibition Center.

This year falls the 59th edition and more than 130 destinations will be represented in six dedicated areas: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Global Village and Italy. The latter is the most important bargaining plaza on the globe with more than 1,000 international buyers from over 60 countries to learn about and buy the newest tourism products from the Belpaese. In this regard, there will be three thematic areas in the Italy area: Culture, Eno-Gastronomy, and Wellness.

More than two hundred events on the calendar

More than 200 events are planned and different sectors of the trip: cosmetics, food, fashion, retail… A vast offer able to understand not only the current but also the future evolution of consumers’ desires and expectations. In particular, these dynamics will be evaluated with five “Deep Trends” that cast a glance toward the next five years, with the hope of a planet earth free of restrictions and predetermined rules.

Among the factors thought to be most important will be a good ability to transform and reinterpret established codes. In short, “The Re-Coding Game” represents the new way of thinking that is driving brands to shape products and services, places of sale, and logics of accessibility to various travel destinations.

What the new traveler is looking for

There are many new requirements of travelers: from mood-elevating creams, to drinks that reduce sadness and stress, to pop-up stores in the new world of the Metaverse, where you can try on digital clothing collections by scanning a QR Code, to exclusive experiences reserved for holders of NFTs (the Non-Fungible Tokens), the digital certifications that guarantee the rarity of a good.

More: packages for micro-groups, to discover the mystical traditions of southern Italy or to prepare for the experience of space travel.
And then there is the whole area of food and wine tourism between live lectures, introduction to circular cooking or trips within regions to discover the many local specialties

"Be Active": a workshop for active vacation enthusiasts

Among the various workshops we would like to highlight “BeActive2“: the project launched by TTG Travel Experience in 2019 for a more personalized approach to vacation in response to the new needs of travelers. These are proposals ranging from sports tourism to that
, naturalistic and sustainable, obviously “sewn” especially for an experience in Italy.


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