The Trail of the Parks - Stage #16

From Tossignano to Carnè

An incredible hike through two national parks, five regional parks and an interregional one in the beautiful Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Marche Apennines500 km divided into 27 stages, getting the traveler great emotions and adventure, thanks to breathtaking landscapes, wide scenery, wild nature and historic traces of ancient boundaries.

The route allows hikers to admire the best of what the Apennines mountains are able to offer: glacial circques, lakes immersed in high altitude meadows, crumbling streams, endless forests, volcanic rocks and chalk cliffs.

It is advisable to travel the 'Trail' from the middle of spring to mid-autumn, while experienced hikers can handle it even in the winter months, with the due equipment and caution, especially in the snow stretches where the ridge exceeds the 1400 meters of altitude. There are several accommodation facilities at the stage-points (allowing you to get them even further individually), while those wishing to use a tent are kindly asked to check out the tent bivouac directions.

Credits: Ambiente - Regione Emilia Romagna

STAGE #16Tossignano - Carnè (19 km)

It is perhaps the most particular stage of the entire route, running along the entire ridge of the Vena del Gesso.

From the remains of the rock of Tossignano you will go down to the gorge of Tramosasso, carved into the chalky Rio Sgarba, then you will go back to the foot of the stratified cliffs of Riva di San Biagio. At the next saddle begins the ridge path, on the extraordinary rocky terrain formed by translucent plaster crystals. Here, the sun-drenched south-facing walls create a strong contrast with the shady chestnut groves of the slopes looking over the plain.

After Mount Casino you will come across the wide saddle of Cà Budrio. You will continue walking on the undulated ridge until reaching the small church of Sasso Letroso, overlooking the valley of the Senio stream in front of the gigantic quarry of Mount Tondo.

You will follow the road down to Borgo Revola, where you will touch the lowest point of the entire path the 98 meters while using the walkway on the Senio. Then, you will return to the tiny village of Crivellari and climb the slopes of the Mount Volpe. From the top of the mount you will follow the ridge up to the Sella di Cà Faggia, with beautiful views on the Rio Stella Valley, barred by an imposing series of cliffs.

You will continue on rocky terrain, crossing the road leading to the panoramic Mount Mauro which, with its 515 meters, is the highest mountain of the Vena del Gesso; nearby, you will find the ancient parish church of S. Maria in Tiberiaco, recently refurbished.

The last, steep, descent of the day leads to the valley-bottom of the creek Sintria, then it goes up through orchards, vineyards and groves to the northern entrance of the Carnè Natural Park, and from there to the buildings of the homonymous Visitor Centre.

It is advisable to avoid this path during July and August, because of the stifling hot weather.

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Vena del Gesso from Tossignano @ph. Antonella Lizzani Sella di Cà Budrio @ph. Ermanno Biffi Monte Tondo quarry @ph. ildirettore Cà Budrio @ph. ildirettore Monte Mauro Carnè @ph. Dadonene89

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Technical data

City of departure: Borgo Tossignano

Departure: Tossignano

City of arrival: Brisighella

Arrival: Carnè

Length (Km): 19

Difficulty: experienced hiker

Discipline: Hike

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 1180

Difference in downhill (m): 1060

Highest point (m): 515

Lowest point (m): 98

Duration (h.): 8

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