Canyoning in the Garavina's gorges

A deep canyon carved by the Sarmento torrent in the heart of the Pollino National Park in Basilicata region, between high walls of rock, which can be covered with suitable equipment to experience the magic and the adrenaline of Canyoning, accompanied by a guide. This experience is preceded by a beautiful trekking, in contact with nature.

Along the entire well-marked route, the landscape is very impressive with the presence of numerous natural sights where to take a rest, especially during the uphill stretch on the way back. Just inside the Garavina's gorges sunlight decreases, creating a colors effects on the rocky walls.
In addition to the classic route, it is also possible to carry out a variant, top entry through a waterfall and a descent rope of 40 meters.

Technical description:
The route is characterized by an initial trekking on a fairly steep descent path. Then, you enter inside the gorges following a path sometimes with a presence of water (depends on the period). You walk on through the gorges for approximately 2 km until you reach a large landslide. Here the path ends and you return to the starting point following the same itinerary.

Pay attention once inside the river-bed, because the smooth stones can be slippery.

Technical tips:
Trekking or comfortable walking clothing is required. The helmet is mandatory: you can rent it along with the wetsuit in Terranova di Pollino.
Along the way there are two water sources, but in warmer months it is advisable to have at least half a liter of water.

Where to park:
At Piano della Tranquillità, 3 km out the town of Terranova.

Recommended period:
All year round for experts with equipment. From May to September for hikers.

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Technical data

City of departure: Terranova di Pollino

Departure: Piano della Tranquillita'

City of arrival: Terranova di Pollino

Arrival: Piano della Tranquillita

Length (Km): 3

Difficulty: Hard

Discipline: Canyoning

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 200

Difference in downhill (m): 200

Highest point (m): 1032

Lowest point (m): 800

Duration (h.): 3

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