Canyoning in the Rio Nero gorge

A fun water adventure in an extraordinary location near Lake Garda

This is an incredible-looking canyon which descends from the mountains of Tremalzo in the Ledro Valley, one of the longest in the northern area of Lake Garda and therefore pretty difficult to travel.

Here visitors can find drops and slides immersed in a prehistoric-feeling landscape, with caves dug out by the water’s erosive action.

The Rio Nero is suitable for those that have already tried canyoning recently, and ideal for adventurous travellers hungry for discovery. Indeed, it might see few visitors but this just makes it more intriguing, unspoiled, and wild

Technical advice:
A difficult trail that requires good knowledge of rope manoeuvres in a gorge.

Suggested equipment: 2 40-m ropes, personal equipment to descend into the river, full wetsuit, canyoning shoes, watertight container with cellphone in case of emergencies (calls and radio communications), floating rope bags, suitable shoes.
The river features 4 escape routes which are clearly visible from the inside of the gorge (No.1 “Uscita Camandria”, No.2 “Uscita Madonnina”, No.3 “Uscita Entrata rio nero parte bassa", No.4 “Uscita Rif. Basso”) 
Warning: there is no telephone signal inside the torrent.
There are no artificial deviations or water inlets neither upstream nor downstream.

Where to park:
The first car can be parked near Locanda Ampola. The car used for the climb can be parked near the bridge over the river, in the borough of Prati del monte, 1100 m of altitude.
The gpx track and total duration of the excursion refer to both the descent into the gorge and the climb by car from the arrival to the departure point, along the provincial road climbing upward from the borough of Tremalzo. 

Best period to visit:
From June to September

Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Ledro

Departure: Prati del Monte

City of arrival: Ledro

Arrival: Ampola

Length (Km): 2


Discipline: Canyoning

Type of Itinerary: Full day

Difference in height (m): 39

Difference in downhill (m): 437

Highest point (m): 1140

Lowest point (m): 734

Duration (h.): 5

Reach: 100 lt/s
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Cities crossed

Ledro (TN)