Sesia - Rafting on the "race stretch"

The Sesia river flows in the Sesia valley, on the slopes of Monte Rosa, in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Piedmont. A favorite destination of many canoeists, it offers routes of varying technical difficulties.
The "race stretch" of the Sesia � so called because there used to be competitions here (but now are preferred upstream traits) - is a classic path where practicing rafting.

Technical description:
In this stretch of the river difficulties are lower compared to further upstream stretches, which are quite challenging for inexperienced canoeists. The most difficult part is located approximately 1 km from the embarkation (trancia�s rapid).
For the rest of the way there is a succession of rapids and little lakes that makes the descent very fun, without creating too many troubles.

Technical tips:
Being an alpine river, the water is cold. For this reason is recommended to dress properly even in summer.
The rafting centers provide the necessary technical equipment, whereas personal clothing shall consist of a bathing suit, training shoes or neoprene boots and a thermal shirt.

Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Balmuccia

Departure: Balmuccia

City of arrival: Varallo

Arrival: Baraggiolo

Length (Km): 8


Discipline: Rafting

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 0

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 0

Lowest point (m): 0

Duration (h.): 2

Reach: Min 0,40
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