Urban rafting on the River Tiber in Rome

A thrilling rafting experience in the heart of Rome, surrounded by the history of the Eternal City

The history of Rome is also that of its main river, the Tiber, and navigating its waters and passing under its bridges, old but still standing, allows visitors to see the city from an unprecedented point of view.
The River Tiber, in its urban stretch, offers a number of different views. Local wildlife is well-represented by the numerous seagulls and cormorants that visitors can meet along the way, and, with a little luck, they might even see the great grey heron.

Travelling down the River Tiber in rafting boats also means travelling on white water rapids, thus combining, in addition to the aforementioned naturalistic and cultural aspects, also fun, sport, and adrenaline.

Itinerary description:
The departure spot is near the old Ponte Milvio bridge, and the tour immediately includes the rapids downstream of the bridge. The descent then continues quietly, away from city traffic: visitors will pass under the Ara Pacis and Castel Sant’Angelo, with the spectacular dome of the Saint Peter’s Basilica in the background. At the Tiber Island the itinerary continues on the left branch of the river and goes down the rapids under Ponte Garibaldi and Ponte Fabricio. Another evocative stretch is that under Ponte Rotto while the landing point is at Porto di Ripa Grande, just a few steps fromTrastevere.

Technical description:   
The excursion is open to all older than 8 years of age. No experience necessary.
The route is mostly on calm water with little current but there are some points with Class II rapids. All rapids are transship.

Technical advice:
Clothing: running shoes (with warm socks in the winter), closed sandals (no flip flops or bare feet) in the summer. No cross-body or shoulder straps, scarves, hats. Carry a change of clothing as you can get wet.

Boarding point:
100 m below Ponte Milvio, right pier.

Disembarkation point:
Dock of Ripa Grande, right pier.

Where to park:
The itinerary is in the centre of Rome so it is possible to travel by public transport.

Best period to visit:
Between April and October

Points of interest




Technical data

City of departure: Roma

Departure: Ponte Milvio

City of arrival: Roma

Arrival: Ripa Grande

Length (Km): 8

Difficulty: Easy

Discipline: Rafting

Type of Itinerary: Half Day

Difference in height (m): 0

Difference in downhill (m): 0

Highest point (m): 0

Lowest point (m): 0

Duration (h.): 2

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