Something more about us

We are a team of tourism professionals, but first and foremost we are travelers ourselves.

Our vacations have always been a little more dynamic than sea, sun and umbrella. Of course, sometimes total relaxation is also needed, but almost always the temptation for different adventures is irresistible. Whether it’s walking along mountain trails, cycling through roads deep in nature, or following the current aboard a kayak, the lure of Vacanzattiva is always strong.

Vacanzattiva expert tours

We have created a network of guides and activity experts that continues to expand day by day. Thanks to them we can continuously publish new certified routes and update them in a timely manner if necessary.

One day we had a revelation. We found that to find and organize a new adventure we were always wasting time on many different sites and often without the confidence to find up-to-date information.

How is it possible that there is no a rich and reliable platform To organize many kinds of outdoor experiences throughout Italy?

So we said, let’s create it ourselves! And so Vacanzattiva was born! We would have liked to, but of course we could not go ourselves to cover all the routes in Italy. So we made a structure that would allow us to always give you reliable information.

The Vacanzattiva editorial team

It is not a figure of speech. We are a registered newspaper with an in-house newsroom. This is an added guarantee of the quality of our content, from magazine articles to itineraries, for which we make contact with local tourist boards.

The newspaper Vacanzattiva Guide is registered with the Court of Modena. Registration No. 27/2014, September 1, 2014

Editor in Chief: Fabrizio Lodi

What we believe in


Never before has the planet needed to rediscover a non-invasive model of tourism. Less emissions, less waste, less environmental impact.


Whether it is to do a detox period, to escape from the daily chaos, or to rediscover the importance of a relationship with the natural world.


The lifestyle is increasingly sedentary. In addition to a pleasure, for us doing physical activity is the best way to take care of our bodies.

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Operational Headquarters
Via Delle Querce, 1 – 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia (Bo)
Tel +39 0510397510 Fax +39 0510397511

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